How To Block & Unblock People On Roblox


Blocking people on Roblox is an important thing to know how to do. If you are experiencing harassment or unkind behaviour in-game, or via chat, you can simply block the people who are doing it and you will never have to see them on Roblox or talk to them again.

I’ll show you how to block people on both the Roblox website and the Roblox app, because the steps are different for each one. I’l also show you how to manage your blocked list and unblock people if you change your mind.

Steps To Block People On Roblox On PC & Mac:

The video above shows you how to block & unblock users on Roblox desktop version.

• To block people on Roblox, search for their username, or click on their profile to open their profile page.

• On their profile page, click the ‘3 dots’ button to the right of their name and then select ‘block user’. That person will now be blocked and you will not be able to communicate with each other. You are allowed to block up to 50 people.

• To view your list of blocked users, click the settings icon at the top right of the screen, then select ‘settings’ from the popup.

• In settings, click the ‘privacy’ tab.

• At the bottom of your privacy settings there is a section for blocked users, click ‘show blocked users’.

• Here you can see a list of everyone that you have blocked. Just click ‘unblock’ next to their username if you wish to unblock them.

Steps To Block & Unblock Roblox Users On Mobile:

The above videos shows how to block & unblock people on Roblox using the mobile app.

• To block someone on Roblox, first, open their profile page. You can search for their username to find their profile and then tap on it.

• When you are on their profile page, tap the ‘3 dots’ button to the right of their name.

• Select ‘block user’ on the popup. And then tap ‘block’ again to confirm it.

• That person is now blocked, you will not be able to contact each other.

• To view a list of people you have blocked and to unblock them, go to the home page of roblox and then tap the 3 dots button from the bottom right Of the home page.

• Select settings.

• In settings, tap ‘privacy’.

• At the bottom of the privacy page there is a section for blocked users. Tap ‘show’ to display the people who you have blocked.

• You can tap the ‘unblock’ button next to their name to easily unblock them.

I hope this tutorial helped you, If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments down below or on my YouTube Channel.

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