How To Join & Leave Groups On Roblox


Groups are a key feature of Roblox. There are 1000’s of different groups for all kinds of niches and interests. You can join groups for people from your country, groups for teenagers, groups for NFL fans and so much.

In this tutorial I’m going to show you exactly how to search for groups, join groups and also leave groups on Roblox. I’ll show you how to do this on both PC and Mobile because the steps are different for each.

Steps To Join & Leave Roblox Groups On PC & Mac:

The above videos shows how to join and leave Roblox groups on desktop.

• Start by going to and signing in to your account if you’re not already logged in.

• When you are signed in, click ‘groups’ from the left sidebar, if the left sidebar isn’t visible, click the hamburger icon first to make it visible.

• Here on the groups’ page, you can explore the different groups that exist on Roblox. You can browse through different categories to find groups that appeal to you.

• You can also use the search bar to search for groups.

• Click on a group to get more information.

• You can join groups by simply clicking the ‘join group’ button when viewing the page of a group.

• If the group is public you will become a member immediately but if the group is private your membership will be pending until an admin accepts you.

• You can see a list of all your joined groups from the left sidebar when you visit the groups’ page.

• To leave a group, just visit the page of the group and then hit the 3 dots button beside the group name, from there tap ‘leave group’. You will immediately stop being a member of that group.

Steps To Join & Leave Groups On Roblox Mobile:

The above video shows how to join Roblox groups on Android & iOS

• When you are on the home screen of the Roblox app, tap the 3 dots button on bottom right.

• Select ‘groups’.

• This page shows groups you are already a part of, tap ‘more groups’.

• You can now browse through different groups such as groups your friends are in, or you can search for a specific group.

• Browser the list of groups & tap the group you want to join to open it.

• Tap ‘join group’ at the top of the group page.

• If the group is public you will become a member immediately, and if the group is private you will need to wait to be approved by an admin.

• In order to leave a group, go back to the ‘my groups’ page and open the group you want to leave.

• On the group page, tap the ‘3 dots’ button from the top right.

• Select ‘leave group’ and then tap ‘yes’ to confirm your decision.

I hope this tutorial helped you, If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments down below or on my YouTube Channel.

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