How To Remove Number From Roblox Account


If you have added your phone number to your Roblox account in the past, you may be wondering if its possible to remove it again. Maybe you are changing numbers and want to be able to remove your current one. Or maybe you would just prefer to not have any number associated with your Roblox account. If so, then this tutorial is for you.

Steps To Remove Number From Roblox Account On PC & Mac:

The above videos shows how to delete your number from Roblox on desktop.

• Start by going to and signing into your account if you’re not already logged in.

• Click the settings icon from the top right of the page, on the popup menu, click ‘settings’.

• Here in the main settings page it says ‘phone number’, click the pen and paper icon beside it to edit it. 

• Click ‘remove phone number’ on the popup.

• Enter your Roblox password to confirm the deletion and then click ‘remove’.

• Your phone number has now been disconnected from your Roblox account

How To Remove Phone Number From Roblox Account On Android & iOS:

The above video shows how to remove your phone number on Roblox Mobile

• When you are on the home screen of Roblox, tap the 3 dots button on the bottom right of the app.

• Scroll down and tap ‘settings’.

• In settings, select ‘account info’.

• Here in account info, tap the ‘pen and paper’ icon next to your phone number.

• Select ‘remove phone number’ from the bottom of the popup.

• Verify your account password to continue and then tap ‘remove’.

• Your number has now been removed from your Roblox account.

I hope this tutorial helped you, If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments down below or on my YouTube Channel.

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